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Jobst Bella Strong Armsleeve w/Silicone Border

Jobst Bella Strong Armsleeve is soft, lightweight and designed to keep you comfortable while treating your lymphedema. No worries about it sliding around either, the silicone band keeps your garment secure.


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Size 1 Long, Size 1 Regular, Size 10 Long, Size 10 Regular, Size 2 Long, Size 2 Regular, Size 3 Long, Size 3 Regular, Size 4 Long, Size 4 Regular, Size 5 Long, Size 5 Regular, Size 6 Long, Size 6 Regular, Size 7 Long, Size 7 Regular, Size 8 Long, Size 8 Regular, Size 9 Long, Size 9 Regular


Black, Natural

Payment Method

Credit Card, Insurance (Pending Approval)

Sizing Chart

Bella Strong Armsleeve Size Chart