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Juzo Dynamic Armsleeve w/Silicone

The Juzo Dynamic Armsleeve w/Silicone Band is a highly durable garment that is able to withstand the rigors of daily wear and can be machine washed and dried. This sleeve has a full silicone top-band.



Juzo Dynamic Armsleeve w/Silicone

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Size I (Max Regular), Size I (Regular), Size I Long, Size I Max Long, Size II (Max Regular), Size II (Regular), Size II Long, Size II Max Long, Size III (Max Regular), Size III (Regular), Size III Long, Size III Max Long, Size IV (Max Regular), Size IV (Regular), Size IV Long, Size IV Max Long, Size V (Max Regular), Size V (Regular), Size V Long, Size V Max Long, Size VI (Max Regular), Size VI (Regular), Size VI Max Long


Beige, Black, Pink, Seasonal, White

Payment Method

Credit Card, Insurance (Pending Approval)

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