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Produce your best voice with less physical and mental effort than leading Parkinson’s speech therapy programs.

A SpeechVive device is an excellent option for people with Parkinson’s to improve volume and clarity. It’s as easy as putting the SpeechVive in your ear and starting to speak. Your voice is louder, automatically.

SpeechVive has partnered with SunMED Medical as our exclusive Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider.

Which ear should I order SpeechVive? Select the ear with the best hearing.  If both are similar, select the ear you do not use on the telephone.

Begin the process of ordering your device here:

SKU: SUN-102 Category: Brand:


To complete your order please follow the steps below:

Step 1 – select Left or Right ear from the drop down menu

Step 2 – select Payment method “Insurance – pending approval” from the drop down menu

Step 3 – select on “Add to Cart”

Step 4 – on the following page, select “View Cart”

Step 5 – on the following page, select “Proceed to checkout”

Step 6 – on the following page, complete all information with a red asterisk

Step 7 – once you have completed all information, select “Place Order”

After placing your order, you will have the option to upload a Prescription and medical notes for documentation purposes. You will also receive an email acknowledgement or your order via email.

If you have any questions about placing your order please call SunMED Medical customer service at 855-701-1888

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Insurance (Pending Approval)

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