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Thuasne Kit Biflex

The BIFLEX KIT consists of two bandages:

Bandage No. 1:

  • Compression bandage to provide support and protect the skin
  • Short-stretch elastic bandage (stretch of between 10 and 100%)
  • Latex-free (polyester microfibre + viscose + elastane)

Bandage No. 1 protects the skin and bony prominences and supports the limb.

Bandage No. 2:

  • Compression bandage
  • Short-stretch elastic bandage (maximum stretch of between 10 and 100%)
  • Latex-free (viscose – polyester – polyamide – elastane)

Bandage No. 2 provides the level of pressure required for treatment of the venous ulcer.


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Payment Method

Credit Card, Insurance (Pending Approval)

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