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More than eCommerce…eSupport.

Our site isn’t run by robots. SunMED’s large team of insurance and product experts will guide you through every step of your order.

Before you reach for your credit card, let us check your insurance options.

CALL 800-714-7434 OR EMAIL US.


Compression bandages
Compression Garments
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Custom Compression Garments

Anyone can deliver a product.
Your need is much greater.

SunMED is a national leader in providing lymphedema products to patients in the home.

Equally important, we are one of the premier national medical equipment claims experts in the country – which translates into increased success to get your claim submitted successfully.

Our technical skill, however, is not the top yardstick we use in measuring our corporate achievement. Our standard is how well we accomplish our service mission each day: Just take care of the patient.

Sticking to this value – no matter what – has created our high patient approval rating and what we believe makes the ideal medical equipment provider.

It is the promise we make to you.


Your Support Team is Standing by.
Call 800-714-7434 or email us.

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