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Why you should choose SunMED

SunMED submits Ethical, Accurate claims that pass the standards of payer Clearing Houses.

SunMED submits these claims through encrypted channels, approved by the Medical Clearing houses and Payers who receive them.

SunMED’s products are represented honestly and fairly, using only the Manufacturer’s product information.

SunMED carries no “grey” or sub-standard products.

SunMED’s inventory is of first quality. Returned items are not placed back in inventory. Lot numbers and Expiration dates are closely tracked and monitored in the event of a recall of any kind.

SunMED is regularly inspected by our Accreditation Organization, Medicare, various Insurance Payers, and State Agencies to ensure we are upholding standards required by each of them.

SunMED is bonded and Insured.

SunMED will always protect your private and contact information, and always remains in compliance with HIPAA Privacy Practices as mandated by Medicare and our Accreditation Organization.

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