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Farrow Medical FarrowWrap Lite Legpiece

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Easy to use, providing a steady and comfortable resting compression. For the treatment of mild to moderate edema.



A FarrowWrap short-stretch garment provides a wider range of compression than other traditional compression garments. Easy to use, it also provides steady and comfortable resting compression, as well as higher working compression when the wearer is active.

Introducing the FarrowWrap by Farrow Medical. A FarrowWrap may be an easy-to-apply alternative for patients, who:

  • Struggle donning traditional compression garments, due to weak hand strength, bad back or inability to bend
  • Have nonstandard limb shapes
  • Have fragile skin or painful limbs that are easily aggravated by traditional compression garments
  • Suffer from frequent swelling fluctuation
  • Suffer from arterial disease and who cannot tolerate constant high compression levels

Variations in limb size and shape can be accommodated at the time of fitting. For mild to moderate edema you can wear the garment and tighten the bands as the edema decreases. Once swelling is reduced the garment will work to maintain the reduction. FarrowWrap is comfortable, durable and requires little maintenance.

As the name implies FarrowWrap Trim-To-Fit is a compression garment that can be customized to your limb in a matter of a few minutes, all while waiting in your doctor or therapists office. This means that you can come in with a prescription and leave with a customized garment all in the same visit. Since the FarrowWrap Trim-To-Fit can be trimmed there is no need to buy a new garment as the edema reduces. Your doctor or therapist can simply remeasure your limb and trim the garment accordingly. FarrowWrap Trim-To-Fit can also be used in place of short stretch bandaging because it uses the same technology but is less time consuming to apply for both you and the therapist.

LITE Fabric

  • Lighter fabric than the Classic
  • Excellent performance for mild to moderate compression needs
  • Durable construction
  • Very breathable
  • One garment for active and maintenance treatments
  • Can fit most patients in a single size
  • Machine wash and dry (no heat)

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