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Sigvaris Compreflex Contain Calf

  • Enhanced Containment: Sigvaris Compreflex Contain Calf stands out with a thicker material, offering superior containment specifically tailored for lower extremity lymphedema, addressing challenges associated with edematous legs.
  • Tailored Fit: With a moderately-contoured calf design, this garment ensures a personalized fit, accommodating swollen legs with adjustable, gradient, inelastic compression ranging from 20–50mmHg.
  • Secure and Compliant: The inclusion of a stretch panel not only provides a secure fit but also facilitates easy application, promoting high compliance by holding the garment firmly in place.
  • Innovative Transition Liners: The addition of Transition Liners introduces antimicrobial properties, ensuring bacteriostatic benefits and odor control. These liners also contribute an average of 10–15mmHg of compression in the foot and ankle region.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for managing lymphedema, edema, and lipedema, the Compreflex Contain Calf offers a comprehensive solution. Composed of a blend of materials, including cotton, polyamide, polyester, polyurethane foam, and elastane, it prioritizes comfort without natural rubber latex, catering to diverse needs in lower extremity lymphedema management.
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Sigvaris Compreflex Contain Calf

Sigvaris offers the Compreflex Contain Calf, a specialized garment designed to provide enhanced containment for lower extremity lymphedema. Boasting a thicker material than other Compreflex products, it offers superior containment, addressing the unique challenges of edematous legs.

Crafted with a moderately-contoured calf design, the garment ensures a tailored fit, accommodating swollen legs with 20–50mmHg of adjustable, gradient, inelastic compression. A stretch panel holds the garment securely in place, simplifying application and boosting overall compliance. The inclusion of Transition Liners adds an extra layer of innovation, featuring an antimicrobial wash for bacteriostatic properties, odor control, and an average of 10–15mmHg of compression in the foot and ankle.

The Compreflex Contain Calf is a comprehensive solution for lymphedema, edema, and lipedema. Composed of 48% Cotton, 25% Polyamide, 13% Polyester, 9% Polyurethane Foam, and 5% Elastane, it caters to comfort without natural rubber latex. Dive into a new level of containment and comfort with the Sigvaris Compreflex Contain Calf, where specialized design meets the unique needs of those managing lower extremity lymphedema.”

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