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Thuasne MOBIDERM Autofit Thigh-High

The MOBIDERM autofit adjustable mobilizing garment uses technology for effective control of lymphatic fluid and fibrotic tissuewhile at rest or at night. The MOBIERM autofit enables patients to easily and consistently take control of their own self-management.



• Adjustable fit sizing guides
• Easy application
• Velcro fasteners with sizing notches to easily adapt to a patient’s morphology
• Anti-slip sole

Additional information


3 Extra Long, 1 Regular, 1 Short, 1 Long, 1 Extra Long, 2 Regular, 2 Short, 2 Long, 2 Extra Long, 3 Regular, 3 Short, 3 Long, 4 Regular, 4 Short, 4 Long, 4 Extra Long

Payment Method

Credit Card, Insurance (Pending Approval)

Sizing Chart

Mobiderm Lower Extremity Size Chart

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