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SunMED ProCode

SunMED’s mission is to support our referring clinicians. We support you even when your patient is paying out of pocket, by providing another benefit you can offer your patients.

SunMED gives you the ability to provide your patients with a significant cost savings via the SunMED ProCode – A discount available only through our referring therapists.

This savings is in addition to our already highly competitive retail pricing.

All you need to participate is your individual ProCode number issued to you by SunMED. Simply give this code to your patient to use at the cart or checkout stage of the purchasing process.

If you have not yet registered with SunMED:

Contact SunMED’s professional service center at 855.477.4507 and let our team member know you would like to register with us as a referring clinician. He or she will get the information we need and assign you an individual code.

If you have previously registered:

You can use your current coupon code. All previously assigned codes will be grandfathered in to our new ProCode system.

The bottom line: Whether your patient is using insurance or paying out of pocket, we support you.

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