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Medi Circaid Reduction Head

  • Tailored for head and neck lymphedema, addressing post-surgery or radiation effects
  • Utilizes inelastic compression in a customizable clinic-fit design for individual patient needs
  • Features skin-friendly Breathe-o-prene® material for lasting compression and comfort
  • Includes adjustable Breathe-o-prene® straps for neck and chin, with a trimmable Textured Edema Control (TEC) foam pad
  • Offers freedom with removable garment for hygiene, allowing easy self-application without caregiver assistance


Medi Circaid Reduction Head

The Medi Circaid Reduction Head is specifically crafted to embrace the acute drainage phase and ensure sustained results for long-term maintenance, this cutting-edge system offers patients the freedom of an inelastic garment—removable for regular hygiene practices and easily re-applied without external assistance.

Constructed with skin-sensitive Breathe-o-prene® material, the Medi Circaid Reduction Head delivers enduring compression and containment. Its clinic-trimmed customization guarantees adaptation to the patient’s unique requirements. This adaptable system, inclusive of customizable Breathe-o-prene® straps for the neck and chin, incorporates a trimmable Textured Edema Control (TEC) foam pad, prioritizing added therapy and patient comfort.

Addressing the common repercussions post-surgery or radiation, head and neck lymphedema symptoms often manifest weeks or even years later. Early signs encompass tightness, restricted motion, and discomfort. The treatment spectrum, based on the patient’s condition severity, may involve various modalities like manual lymph drainage, bandaging, self-care, and specialized garments. Experience a new era in head and neck lymphedema management with the versatile and personalized Circaid Reduction Head & Neck System—where precision meets patient-centric innovation.

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