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Medi Circaid Reduction Vest

  • Tailored for individuals managing Breast Cancer-related lymphedema
  • Effortless application process
  • Versatile usage: adaptable for one side or both sides
  • Ideal for both daytime and nighttime wear
  • Suited for both decongestion and maintenance stages of therapy
  • Crafted with the breathable and comfortable Breath-O-Prene fabric
  • Fully customizable to accommodate fluctuations in edema levels
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Medi Circaid Reduction Vest

Crafted from skin-sensitive Breathe-o-prene® material, the Circaid Reduction Kit vest offers enduring compression and containment. Its customizable nature, trimmed to fit in clinics, adapts seamlessly to individual patient requirements. Whether for daytime wear or throughout the night, this versatile system adjusts effortlessly to accommodate fluctuations in volume. Moreover, it includes a trimmable Flat Localized Edema Control (FLEC) foam pad, prioritizing additional therapy and patient comfort. Experience the future of lymphedema care with Circaid—the ultimate blend of precision, adaptability, and patient-centric design.

Revolutionizing lymphedema care, the Circaid Reduction Kit embodies the power of inelastic compression, tailor-made for each patient within the clinic. Specifically designed for the acute drainage phase of lymphedema management, it encapsulates treatment outcomes and ensures sustained results for ongoing maintenance. This innovative vest grants patients the freedom of an inelastic garment system—removable for regular hygiene routines, easily re-applied independently, liberating them from constant caregiver or clinician support.

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