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Solutions for Men’s Health

Timm Medical produces the most powerful Vacuum Erection Devices. Our systems are designed to produce the most rigid results and maintain them comfortably. Can be used for the treatment of:

Erectile Dysfunction

Our devices are the leading non-surgical solution for the treatment of ED.

Prostate Cancer

Use to treat Erectile Dysfunction after prostate surgery.

Penile Rehabilitation

Aids in improving penile length, dilates arteries, and oxygenates penile tissue.

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You may qualify to have your pump covered by your health insurance.

Anyone can deliver a product.
Your need is much greater.

SunMED is one of the premier medical equipment claims experts in the country – which translates into increased success to get your claim submitted successfully.

Our technical skill, however, is not the top yardstick we use in measuring our corporate achievement. Our standard is how well we accomplish our service mission each day: Just take care of the patient.

Sticking to this value – no matter what – has created our high patient approval rating and what we believe makes the ideal medical equipment provider.

It is the promise we make to you.

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About SunMED Choice

SunMED was founded in 2002 in order to give patients access nationally to specialty medical equipment that other home medical equipment providers do not carry. Our hundreds of insurance contracts and professional billing services ensure that each of our valued customers are able to use their insurance benefit to its fullest. Eighteen years later our contracts and product offering have expanded and we have become the national largest insurance provider of in home medical products. SunMED can provide and bill insurance for Breast pumps, Compression garments, Light therapy, Erectile Dysfunction Pumps, Lymphedema pumps, and many more specialized therapeutic devices.

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